World Famous Beale Street

Address: Beale St
Phone: (901) 526-0115
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Category: Historic Site
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  • Smithsonian Channel

    Lined with bars and clubs where Memphis music legends often played, Beale St. was officially declared the Home of the Blues by an act of Congress in 1977. (From Aerial America)
  • Brandon Yowler

    Beale Street is an awesome place to hang out from time to time. Great bars and great environment. Def a must do.
  • TheUrbanDaily

    WC Handy had been performing on Beale Street when he penned "Memphis Blues." It was the first published (in 1912) Blues song of the soon to be popular genre.
  • Eric Janssen

    Have a big ass beer when on Beale Street.
  • Phantomluvr Luva

    On Friday 11/26/10 get a $10 wristband and enjoy the R&B homecoming. 11 Venues 16 bands
  • Drmzrmythang

    Watch out 4 them "money hungry women"!!!.... They b takin over tha street!.... Lol
  • Shannon Little

    Best people watching in the city.
  • Rodd B

    Come to Club 152 any & every Monday-Wednesday & watch Brimstone Jones tear it up. Zack Mack, Chris Johnson, Kelly McDonald, & Rodd Bland. Always surprise special guests too!!
  • Jonah Miller

    Check out the Absinthe room. Very nice spot.
  • Alex M

    try "getacab" on wet willys
  • Matt Riddle

    Alfreds 4karaoke/good balcony seats. SilkyOSullivans 4 dueling pianos, WetWillies for frozen drinks, 152 4 dancing, BlueCityCafe 4 BBQ, KingsPalace for ambience, RiverfrontLoopTrolley 4 sightseeing
  • Rodd B

    Always stop at Club 152 because they got great food & usually Brimstone Jones playing! They are a great band. Irish Redd too
  • Memphis Travel

    2012 International Blues Challenge competition will be held Jan 31 - Feb 4 in the Beale Street entertainment district. Blues artists and bands from across the globe compete for prizes, cash and more.
  • Jillian LaBranche

    Must visit Silkys and purple haze
  • Brennan Reeves

    Watch the Beale street flippers
  • Steve Phillips

    Party lasts till 5am on the weekends!
  • Paige Mattix

    Such a great place to get away an have fun
  • Chris Rackliffe

    Get wasted and stumble back to the westin
  • Mary Langford-Powell

    Find Vince Johnson and the plantation allstars to hear the BEST band on Beale!!!
  • Steph Snyder

    Love the oldschool neon...walking in Memphis :-)
  • Jason Hudson

    If you want to be harrassed by black thugs then saturday night is your night.
  • Letitia George

    Wednesday is bike night. An experience to set the least!
  • YesterYear Soap Co

    There is nothing like a warm Saturday night on Beale!
  • Tina Maness

    FUN FUN FUN! History History History!
  • Social News Network

    The heartbeat of Memphis' nightlife! Definitely recommend B.B. Kings Restaurant & Blues Club for great music and excellent food. Every bar has live music, so grab a drink and enjoy a stroll.
  • Maria Suprun

    Every Wednesday during the summer period is Biker Night!! Dozens of various bikes.. So very cool!!!
  • Dmitry Krasivov

    History, museums, food, sightseeings? Yes! Live blues music? No! Go somewhere else!
  • Erin R ??

    It smells like garbage water and shame.
  • Chris Kelley

    Showing Uncle and his friends Beale Street...rockabilly, blues, soul, and an Elvis impersonator. Good night already!
  • Amy Dale

    Not just an adult hang out! Take the kids to Dyer's for incredible burgers, floats and shakes! Then go across the street in Pepsi Pavilion is music and dancing, vendors, painters and more!
  • Alley Gaga

    2nd floor is 107.1 and 3rd floor is 107.5. the choice is yours :/
  • Justin Scarborough

    Don't let Mark Himmelsbach buy you a Bud Light Lime
  • Justin Miller

    Similar to Bourbon St. in New Orleans. You can drink liquor in the street. Great bars and a whole lot of fun till the wee hours.
  • Landon BigChief White

    Lots of photography
  • Marguerite Long

    You can not visit Memphis without walking on Beal
  • Bri Jones

    Nightlife destination in the city with a lot of clubs for different musical tastes and lots to drink at bars.
  • Vivek Surti

    A must see attraction while in Memphis! My favorite bar is Silky's and if you're hungry, try out Dyer's burger!
  • Seismic Audio

    Attention all musicians, before you spend a ton of money on PA gear, check out Seismic Audio!
  • Kimani Lauren

    Food is only good here if you're a tourist. Not a place for residents to have much fun, but a must-see.
  • Leslie Pyfrom

    Dont get arrested ;)
  • ?? TAMLA ??

    Well, Expect The Expected..LOL!
  • jessica carnell

    Beale street flippers
  • Billy Fairchild

    OHIO in the house!
  • Lydia EspaAgui

  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • Marcus Fields

    Leave a tip to the people taking care of u
  • Chanel Oriana

    Everyone is drunk.
  • Duke Liden

    Gumbo is awesome
  • Achilles Wolff

    Gotta get u a wet willie
  • Lisa Vinson

    Need a little something more to do than drink or eat but worth going to.
  • Kim Morgan-Bertini

    if Between BBQ you need some pizza the only place to eat at is Italia at the corner or Peabody and Second...
  • Marilyn Kaminski

    Blues City Cafe does have good ribs! Just as the Travel Channel said!
  • Hector Murillo

    The coke is fire Y'all!!!
  • Gwen Bailey

    Great music, food and drinks!!
  • Laura Ellis

    A smaller version of bourbon street!
  • Laura Ellis

    Wednesday nights in the summer is bike night!
  • Salvador Martnez

    Nos encontramos con bikers de Blgica, Francia, Brasil y obvio de Mxico!!!
  • Kerry Nash

    Fun as usual!
  • Kerry Nash

    There's nothing like it!
  • Franchize34

    Be on be lookout for The Truth! He may stumble and vomit on you!
  • Nitzana Mamane

    Gotta try Dyer's. Awesome burgers!
  • Jimmy Sams

    Want good BBQ? Go to B.B. King's place and try the brisket (wet). Want fried chicken? Gus' is the only place to go!
  • Eddie Williams

    Good food friendly people
  • Michael Garrett

    Get the plate called the best Meal On Beale
  • Sally Wilson

    Learn to use the trolleys....great fun and convenient
  • mary

    join their club thing. its 15 bucks and you get a tshirt. everytime you get a beer, make sure to scan your card. the more you scan, the better the prizes, eventually getting you a plate/s on the wall
  • Curtis Walker

    Come early bring lawn chair have fun
  • Suavo Jones

    Come see the Living Legend Suavo "SilkySmooth" famous trombonist/hip hop artist ...
  • Suavo Jones

    Make sho u go see beale streets youngest living legend "Suavo 'SilkySmooth' Jones" live
  • Alexander

    Great Street to party! Warning: Cops (or Pigs-depending on the mood) are assholes who act like dicks that are pussies behind their badges. They couldn't catch me cuz I had my Chucks on. Live it up!
  • Victoria Roberts

    Walking in Memphis!
  • Trisha Petty

    I am coming into Memphis this coming Friday for a few hours before I have to teach a seminar. I so what to see Beale Street. What else historical (other than Elvis) can I see?
  • Kathy Smith

    Walking in Memphis
  • Rodney Poff

    For you blues lovers, go to Memphis Music Store. They have a great selection of blues CDs and their knowledge of all things blues is astounding!
  • Jared P

    Beers are cheaper on the street near the Daisy.
  • Gregory Martin

    Let's go bearcats!!:-)
  • christopher foster

    my condo on beale street gets all the sounds and sights you could ever want. Dont miss the crawfish!!!!!
  • Caitlin Jackson

    Blue city is a great place to shop
  • Ashle S.

    No discrimination here!!! "free love rainbow" night on Sundays.
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