Address: 191 Beale St
Phone: (901) 205-2640
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  • The Commercial Appeal

    Go see the Tigers play!
  • Kerry Crawford

    Go to a Grizzlies game!
  • HuffPost

    Throughout the concourse, you can experience the rich musical history of Memphis.
  • Kerry Crawford

    Memphians are known for their insane basketball fandom. See it in action at a University of Memphis Tigers or Grizzlies game.
  • OTP Pyle

    Go watch the Memphis Tigers play basketball here!
  • ESPN

    April 29, 2011 Round 1, Game 6. Z-Bo drops 31, and the #8 seed Grizzlies drop the #1 Spurs, 99-91, to close out the series and shock the world.
  • Memphis Tigers

    Undeniably one of the nicest basketball arenas in the country, FedExForum gives the Tiger basketball programs an unquestioned home court advantage. Come cheer them on during the 2011-12 season!
  • Jessica Grammer

    Check out a Memphis Tigers Game!!
  • Maney Kiss

    Turn 961 1075 The Q on when you leave!!
  • Phantomluvr Luva

    Have some Bar-B-Q nachos
  • Kimberly Rogers

    Catch a University of Memphis Tigers Men's Basketball game.
  • Sports Authority

    Music has its place at sporting venues too! Check out FedEx Forum's interior inspired by Memphis' musical heritage, adorned with vivid paintings and murals.
  • Kathleen Fox

    Go see a Grizzlies or Tigers game! Tickets range in prices from $5 and up. Some of the best deals for food are the bottomless popcorn and the BBQ nachos. The Metronome Bar has different beers on tap.
  • Amanda Hill

    Go Grizzlies!! Support our team!
  • edisonv ??

    Go Grizzlies!!
  • Phoenix ??????

    Go Grizzlies
  • gary g

  • David Sparks

    Go to a Griz game & pick up some gear if u don't have some. Go Griz!
  • Preston McClellan

    Lots of great concessions options such as Neely's BBQ Nachos.
  • JB Faby

    Nice stadium, nice atmosphere. Stadium is fairly new, you can feel it. Come catch a Grizzlies game, they have a pretty good team. Give this team some support it deserves it !!!
  • Angie Pogue

    Go grizz!!!!!!!!!
  • Brad Johnson

  • Chandler Moulton

    Club level blue note lounge is the place ti watch from
  • pearson allen

    Go Grizzx
  • Darrin Earl

    Behind Section 112 there is GOOD BEER - Fat Tire & New Belgium Seasonal. Also, full bar with great bartenders!
  • FedExForum

    Looking for something tasty @FedExForum tonight? Fans with seats on Club Level can enjoy Brisket platter from @Rendezvous_Ribs
  • FedExForum

    Try the new Crispy Chicken Thigh sandwich at the 4/4 Grill tonight at FedExForum >
  • Bri Jones

    If you're visiting, catch a Memphis Grizzlies game. It's something fun to do if you're looking for something to do.
  • Ray Johnson

    Follow me on twitter @melodickeyz901 #GrizzNation #teamfollowback
  • Memphis Travel

    Home of the Memphis Grizzlies and the Memphis Tigers. It's also the ultimate concert venue. Purchase tickets at the box office, by phone (901-205-2525) or at
  • Zack Pettis

    Attend a Grizzlies And Tigers game in one night!
  • Chris H

    Sit in a luxury box with free food!
  • Drmzrmythang

    Checking out them Tigers!....
  • Tim Wistrand

    Cheer for the Thunder!
  • Jenael Ignat

    If you buy a ticket through TicketMaster you can print them off inside at the Kiosk and skip the box office line!
  • Sk8Queen

    Watching Grizz vs Chicago on MLK Day. Packed house!
  • Pat Barnes

    Bring cash!
  • Brice Stokes

    Teller machine at front entrance for the $8.25 beers
  • Johnny Packer

    Florida vs UCLA #MarchMadness
  • Tiphanie Princess-Cutz

    My part time job. Love the fans and the atmosphere ?
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come meet us at The FedExForum when we play on January 12th! Get your tickets by clicking this link:
  • NBA Guru

    You think "smaller city, smaller-scale arena", right? Wrong. FedEx Forum is one of the nicest arenas in the NBA with arguably the most ideally situated downtown locations-- right next to Beale Street.
  • NBA Guru

    One of the best pre and post-game scenes of any city in the NBA. That's what happens when you build the arena a block away from Beale Street.
  • Melanie Sisco

    Grizzlies rock!!
  • BG

    Count your change you receive back from beer guys.
  • Zack Pettis

    The best arena in America!
  • Julie Hagar

    Go to a Grizzlies game! All heart!
  • Shannon Little

    Go Tigers Go!
  • Sparxx Q

    Tune in to Jay Sparxx on 96.1/107.5 The Q 7-9p Monday-Friday
  • Steve Moorman

    Love to go watch Tiger basketball games at Fed Ex Forum
  • peggy rounds

    'Love and Basketball' tickets includes the game and showcase...
  • Howard

    miami heat game sold out. the one and only game.
  • Nelson Taylor

    Memphis Grizzlies first home game after the All-Star Break. Tuesday, February 16 vs. Phoenix Suns. Tip-off at 7:00 PM.
  • FedExForum

    Check in near Sec.103 or 117 at tonight's Michael Bubl concert with your Samsung Mobile phone for chance at ticket upgrade & more! #GalaxyFamily Enjoy the show!
  • FedExForum

    Check in near Sec.103 or 117 at tonight's Michael Bubl concert with your Samsung Mobile phone for chance at ticket upgrade & more! #GalaxyFamily Enjoy the show!
  • Namtichar Pho

    Bruno Mars @ FedExForumBasketball Stadium #MoonshineJungleTour
  • Kimber Countryman

    Gary Goin and his lady friend cannot sing. Hire someone new! Please! For all our ears! Dear God!
  • Andrea Glass

    Great night out
  • Zach Payne

    All about the Tigrizz!
  • FedExForum

    Need a handy guide to menu items @FedExForum? Download this >
  • FedExForum

    @FedExForum & @memgrizz new local foods. Brisket platter from @Rendezvous_Ribs at Club Level. #TimetoDine
  • FedExForum

    Check out the new Hallelujah Burger at Crossroads Sec 104 at the Grizzlies vs. Pistons game tonight. Preach! #TimetoDine
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come catch us on our "Fans Rule" World Tour! Fun for the whole family. Get your tickets here: See you soon!
  • Ramone Terrell

    Sorry!... Not a Grizzlies fan....
  • Donzaleigh Sparks

    Playoff fever! GnG!
  • Shawna Robilio

    Cheer loud!
  • Melissa Wilkes

    Great coach! Awesome team
  • Katie Sexton

    I guess FedExforum has this new rule. Now you cant bring any computer or tablets in.
  • Frank Urankar

    Go Cleveland!!
  • Randi Stroud

    Margaritas r very good in Jack Daniels. Also work here pt.
  • Graceland

    See Elvis Presley in Concert during #ElvisWeek on August 16, 2012. The show begins at 8:00 p.m.
  • Graceland Manager

    See Elvis Presley in Concert during #ElvisWeek on August 16, 2012. The show begins at 8:00 p.m.

    Get some Grizzly Gear!
  • Tiphanie Princess-Cutz

    I work here part-time. Nice place.
  • Andres Catzin

    Playoffs Grizzlies vs Clippers game 1
  • Candi B

    beal street is a MUST!
  • Joe Spake

    Soup Sunday is oversold and already running out of food.
  • Carolyn Johnson

    Different story now 52 to 49 Utah
  • Scott Ennis

    The End Begins Tonight!
  • Donni K

    It would seem like common sense, but if you see a wheelchair coming at you, get out of the way.
  • Seismic Audio

    Attention all musicians, before you spend a ton of money on PA gear, check out Seismic Audio!
  • Jenael Ignat

    Jasons Deli has the best deal for dinner. You get an entry, a side, chips, desert and a pickle for $8.25
  • DJ Latin Prince ? ?

    When Im in Memphis I come here and check out a Grizzlies game. #NBA lets get back on!
  • Matt Obando

    Why does the announcer say grizz-LAYS?
  • Trey Linville

    Fuck the tigers, Grizz all day
  • Ej Ford

    Welcome 2 the grindhouse
  • Jenny Allgauer

    Show the Pirate Discovery App on ur Verizon Android phone 2 the Street Team in plaza 4 PRIZES! Text 'AHOY' to 52011 4 ur free app that shows u everything 4 Pirates of the Caribbean: At Stranger Tides!
  • Brian Collins

    Make sure you have a lot of steel. Its a 150 to the high steel. Loading docks are ok. It has a a lot of power. Probably pre-rig most shows
  • Cody Cole

    Check in early!
  • Unicron Social

    You have to see a Tiger game here. Just saw them beat Marshall.
  • Aziz Bhagat

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra
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