Wolfchase Galleria

Address: 2760 N Germantown Pkwy
Phone: (901) 381-2769
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Category: Mall
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  • Krystal Actis

    Sephora is the best store for your cosmetic needs!! This is the only store where I buy my makeup.
  • Wolfchase Galleria

    Sign up for our Kid's Club (Kidgits) at Wolfchase Galleria and receive great prizes!
  • Anjel B

    Slowly pushing me in another direction...some of the new stores could've remained unopened
  • Wolfchase Galleria

    The Easter Bunny is at the mall come by and have your child's picture taken!
  • Sony Mobile WTA

    This massive, state-of-the-art mall offers something for everyone.
  • Kim Wilson

    During the holiday season, it's best to enter and exit from HWY 64 by the Somerville exit.
  • Jack Garner

    dont buy from the king of sweets. too much money
  • Wolfchase Galleria

    Have you heard of the New Peeps Peepsters Candy? Come by Guest Services now through April 23 to get a sample and a $1.00 off coupon!
  • Dominique Reid

    Hope you dont have to use the restroom between 2 and 2:30 on a Sunday because they clean the RRs...at the busiest time ever. WTF? Just wanted to wash my hands before I ate...that's it dude!
  • Sydney Franklin

    Make sure to stop by Forever 21 for the best deals! Also, Aldo has the best shoes ever.
  • Heather Dunn

    Yankee Candle has the best deals on candles and they smell so good. Especially maple pancakes
  • Moriah T

    Is going down hill fast.
  • Wolfchase Galleria

    Did you hear??? We have a new store that is going to open at Wolfchase Galleria - LOVE CULTURE!
  • Michelle McDivitt

    This mall is nothing compared to Opry Mills.
  • Jason Lederfine

    When you check in go to guest services for your free candy bar.
  • Suzanne Johnston

    indoor carousel, bungee jumping and a play area for smaller children
  • Lucy Kitchens

    Come visit Edy's Loaded ice cream shop on the upper level on the Macy's wing. :)
  • Kimberly Vaughn

    Saved a bunch $ with this free Coupon App iphone: http://bit.ly/1vp2WTF, android: http://bit.ly/1mexCY8 Hope you can use it!
  • Megan Sammons

    Fun carousel for the kids!
  • Bahama Breeze

    With 135+ stores, a giant carousel and a children's play area, adults and kids will enjoy this mall.
  • Monty Poston

    just a sample tip
  • Caleb Kendall

    What's the point of opening the mall if the stores don't open until 10am?
  • Martrell Moore

    Traffic is crazy! Be super careful
  • Krista Brown

    May car was broken into in an attempt to steal it! And I was only there for 15 minutes!!!
  • Kris

    Dang, $30 for two book lights?
  • Anjel B

    Can anyone explain why there are 2 City Gears? I prefer Guess to return
  • Jessica Cervero

    One of the better shopping centers. A little ways from campus, but most definitely worth the trip! Tons of stores and surrounded by awesome restaurants!
  • Felicia Roddy

    Looking for Dragonball z stuff
  • Davina

    Getting free VS panties!
  • J.W. Moeller

    Great place to kill a day at. It's clean, safe, and not overly noisy. It has a decent selection of shops too!
  • Cathy Scruggs

    KillIng time while Hannah is at soccer practice. Kayla has graduation gift cards! Miss u...
  • Joyce Scruggs ??Dede??

    Ok. What's with all the shopping. You must be having fun without me?
  • Brandon Barrentine

    Straight garbage
  • Austin Bridges

    Me and alexis and anna doin some shoppin
  • Kirsten

    I must go somewhere where I may regather my strength.
  • Scarlet Dawn

    See Ginger!!
  • Kim Wilson

  • Erin Douglas

    Hmmm. Lady at customer service knew NOTHING about free gift card for first time check in.
  • Ashley Wislock

    Early Japan has the best food in the food court!
  • Aris S. (Aero)

    i miss this place
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