Memphis International Airport (MEM)

Address: 2491 Winchester Rd
Phone: (901) 922-8000
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  • Carly Burgess

    Go to the Lenny's in terminal B. Awesome subs and salads!
  • The Commercial Appeal

    One of our city's finest recruiting tools. #memphisairport
  • Andrea LeTard

    Try the BBQ if you have a layover.... Any of it! It's the best in the country! Don't let any one tell you different!
  • Steve Jones

    I'm all for capitalism and the free market, but I hate airports that charge for WiFi.
  • Oren Arbit

    This place is like a trailer park but with airplanes
  • Shawn Danko

    Visiting Memphis check out a really cool restaurant downtown called Kooky Canuck! Amazing burgers & huge beers don't forget to try the BBQ egg rolls. VERY affordable & fun for the whole family.
  • Joy D

    Mustaches abound!!! See how many you spot before your departure.
  • Brandon Tidwell

    Take advantage of Memphis BBQ right in the airport!
  • Dusty Nelson

    Have your boarding pass on your phone and skip the regular security line.
  • Jason B

    Always smells like a mixture of BBQ and cleaning solution.
  • Ray Rahman

    Blue note cafe- smokingggg!!
  • Marcus

    Terminal B - Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ worth the stop if ya got time.
  • David M

    Avoid Delta out of this terminal if at all possible, lie about delays and their causes, then leave you out to dry on your connecting flights. Cost me tons of time, money, and a days travel...
  • TJ Chapman

    Lenny's Subs are delicious!
  • Chris H

    Use your iPhone or bberry for a shorter line at security with the mobile ticket option!
  • Michelle O'Neal

    Starbucks across from gate A20!
  • Brian Young

    Fly first class, free in flight cocktails
  • Jonathan C

    Go through the "C" terminal entrance and go to Einstein's Bagel for a nice bagel sandwich or a big dollop of cream cheese!
  • Eric Hegwer

    Good luck finding a vegetarian meal here.
  • Kevin Bell

    When you refuse the full body scan, the pat down comes with a happy ending
  • Marine Corps

    Not only is Memphis the biggest city in Tennessee, it also raised Vernice Armour -- the Marine Corps first female African American pilot.
  • Mark Chmielewski

    Also, ample outlets in most gates for charging phones & laptops
  • Tim Scoutelas

    The Starbucks in Terminal C rarely has the line that Einstien Bros has. Just in case u are in need of a quick cup of coffee.
  • Wes Halula

    For real BBQ, please take next flight to Kansas City.
  • Pat Mobley

    The bouncy rubber moving sidewalks are tons of funs.
  • Jimmy White

    If you are on a 6 am flight nothing is open because people are lazy!
  • Tony Bradley

    Love the bouncy moving walk ways!
  • Bruce Craig

    Not many food options. I suggest eating before or after the airport.
  • Leslie Turley

    Only 2 food options Neelys BBQ or Lennys subs!
  • Charles Tabangcora

    had some decent BBQ here.
  • Carine

    MEM always smells like BBQ sauce. Even in the bathrooms.
  • Fred Omar

    Some of the most polite people I've ever met reside in this airport. Southern hospitality indeed! :)
  • Michael Jezierski

    If you're renting a car and have an early flight the car rental places do not open until 5 AM for drop off and they don't have unattended drop off available.
  • Netta P

    where is everyone? you have to walk a million miles to your gate in terminal b. and there's like ... no one here at 11:30am on a wednesday. weird.
  • Maney Kiss

    Welcome to Memphis! Tune into 1075 The Q when you get in the car!
  • Kelly Vaughn

    Took the advice of others about Lennys subs. Freaking amazing! Super easy to carry on a plane and super yummy!!!
  • Christine Stephenson

    FYI - They do full body scans at security.
  • Justin Scarborough

    Mark Himmelsbach loves Memphis. He's half Elvis
  • Ben Murray

    There is no gourmet or healthy food here except Lenny's subs so don't connect through here with a big appetite.
  • Logan

    Look up if you want to go to a badass music venue
  • Albert Menefee

    Check out the bouncy people movers between A and C. They'll put a little extra spring in your step.
  • Ampro Gel

    Be ready for a change! Somehow it's more efficient!
  • Luke Schnoebelen

    Delta gates have power and USB charging stations.
  • Kenneth Chiu

    If you're going to drink on the plane, get wine instead of's the better value...
  • christina leigh morgan.

    Any airport with a Lenny's inside is high up on my list--delicious!
  • Patrick Miller

    Check out the small carved ivory between A and C if you are looking to kill a couple minutes.
  • Jessica Toliuszis

    Federal regulations prohibit more than one pair of shoes per carry-on told by my cheerful TSA Agent...Fact
  • Mike Davis

    Go to the A or C gates for short security lines, you can still walk to any gates once past.
  • Vladimir

    Legend has it that one of Elvis's favorite body parts is in permanent repose @ MEM
  • Andy White

    The exposed pale brick architecture is straight out of 1976
  • Peter McCallum

    Best breakfast: Interstate BBQ offers pork sandwiches all morning.
  • Talia McKinney

    Lenny is the best I promise!!!!
  • Nathan Brown

    NEVER EVER fly delta to Kansas City MO. Trust me for the love God if you value your life and your emotional stability RUN AWAY NOW.
  • Garrett Sim

    In terminal b if u want fast healthy and delicious food stop by lenny's sub shop
  • Uday Palled

    The more I think about it it's incredibly annoying. I cannot fathom that a major delta hub doesn't have free wifi in the terminals. Talk about sticking it to the traveler
  • Robert M. Youngman

    The airport that time forgot. You almost expect to see Elvis's jet land.
  • Andria Barratt

    Most places here close at 7:30 pm (4 pm on Saturdays)! Eat an early dinner or better yet skip this airport entirely...
  • Tim Theyson

    Smoking at the cafe between concourse a and b
  • Jesse Reilly

    Do not fly Delta. They are lazy, evil, thieves.
  • Neil Onsdorff

    BBQ? Yes please.
  • Nicky Digital

    Get on a plane or buy an overpriced bottle of water ... It's your choice.
  • Thomas Crowe

    Avoid this airport if at all possible! By far one of the WORST in the country.
  • Rockin Rubes

    The best place for food is Lennys....tragic!
  • Chris Dunn

    don't talk to wierd guys in the bathroom
  • Andrea LeTard

    Try the BBQ if you have a layover... Any of it! Memphis has the best in the country. Don't let anyone tell you any different!
  • Becky Bortzfield

    Big ole BBQ sandwich! Yumm!
  • Dan Ross

    This airport is a dump, avoid if at all possible....
  • todd willey

    Interstate BBQ pulled pork is like jerky. Baked beans were good though.
  • Justin Scarborough

    If you see Chava Ziff give her a double Bacardi and diet. Good things will follow
  • Megan Brown

    If flying out on a Sunday bring a snack because there is NOTHING to eat after 5pm anywhere!
  • Cheryl Ferguson

    Interstate BBQ is worth a try.
  • Jessee Andrews

    Such a small airport... easy to navigate through. You need to browse, but there are some inexpensive souvenirs that are not crap...
  • Aaron Matthew Kaiser

    If you're here for a flight or layover, find yourself in terminal B, and are looking for a big bite to eat before your long flight, try the chopped pork sandwich at Jim Neely's Interstate Barbecue.
  • Tim Shea

    This place could really use a face lift.
  • Dawson

    Frickin million degrees in this airport. Standing at the gate dripping sweat. It's 57 outside.
  • The Notorious B.N.H

    You may notice that Memphis is expensive to fly into. If you have extra time, consider flying into Little Rock for sometimes one third of the price and drive to Memphis 2.5 hours.
  • Greg Shannon

    KC BBQ is better than anything in Memphis.
  • Torri Lynn

    Needs to be updated, but it serves it's purpose! Gotta luv MEM...
  • Randy Price

    This place (like most of the South) is a redneck shit hole.
  • Jared P

    Price gouging at its best.
  • Chris Hill

    They are serious about leaving your car in the baggage claim pickup... stick to the cell phone lot to save yourself some trouble.
  • Peter McCallum

    Best brInterstate BBQ offers pork sandwiches
  • Tanner B

    Don't miss the incredible Civil Rights art all throughout the terminal.
  • Susan Marshall

    Great BBQ at Jim Neely's at Gate B15
  • DoubleTree by Hilton

    When choosing your travel outfit, less is more. Avoid wearing clothing, jewelry or other accessories that contain metal when traveling to cut your time barefoot in the security line.
  • Jill McFarland

    Live band in airport bar is pretty cool!
  • K12 Inc

    Did you know? The earliest inhabitants of Memphis, Native Americans, lived along the Mississippi for 10,000 years. The Chicasaw tribe controlled the area for 1000 years before Europeans arrived.
  • Steve Cusumano

    For BBQ, skip Corky's and head to Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ in terminal B. Pork sandwich is excellent - properly cooked with sauce on the side so you can add at your discretion, like it should be.
  • Amanda Lax

    Tons of outlets available in Delta terminal (B). Power stations and lots of wall outlets.
  • Brian Mack

    If you've never been to Memphis, don't judge the BBQ by what you find here. In fact, skip it and get a sub at Lenny's across from B3.
  • Tony Smith

    There's nothing but BBQ and Elvis shops here.
  • Rebecca Musselmann

    Interstate BBQ not that great. Very sweet.
  • Patrick Demchko

    Get a bottle of interstate bbq sauce before you take off
  • Mark Himmelsbach

    Want to attract a Chava Ziff? Just put out some display apples and stand by.
  • Kevin Barber

    If you are flying out of an A or C gate, use one of the side security lines instead of the "main" line in the middle for a much shorter line.
  • Gooee

    Always arrive @least an hour before your flight.
  • Joseph Hyde

    Wonder if there will be any flights in here when I return
  • Julie

    Corky's is here! Yummy!
  • Uday Palled

    No free wifi, seriously :(
  • Jason Austin

    Security is a breeze...
  • Kaylynn Coulter

    This airport is ugly and always under construction.. don't except anything fancy or colorful.
  • Natalia Spada

    Great and kinda healthy grilled chicken sandwich with coleslaw at Backyard Burgers.
  • Dywuan Brown

    This whole airport smells like's Memphis!
  • Thomas King

    Always check in at C or A. Trust me.
  • BG

    Watch out for the "police" in ATVs at Arrival/Departure drop offs. They get real pissed off for no reason.
  • Clay Smith

    Always smells like BBQ and urine at this airport. Dirty old airport, and super rude gate staff. Avoid this one at all costs!
  • Caralee C

    Concourse C smells like weed.
  • Chase J

    Hudson News has some great Memphis gifts to pick up for your friends and family back home!
  • Mike S

    Order the BBQ spaghetti at Interstate!
  • Molly J

    best toilet paper of any airport I've been to
  • Jake Smith

    Talk about a BBQ layover. Go to Jim Neely's.
  • Albert Menefee

    Plenty of choices in the food court on B concourse.
  • Neil Onsdorff

    BBQ travels well.
  • Josh Ireland

    Security for C gates is always much less crowded than B.
  • Ryan P

    Self serve bar in the delta lounge
  • Ben Boyd

    Lenny's smells horrible in the morning, day, evening, and night.... You're in Memphis, go eat BBQ and don't be one of those smelly people.
  • mzaher

    Quiet airport. I like it.
  • NaTalia J

    If you are injured disabled you will hate this horribly designed airport
  • Danielle Prawdzik

    I love Delta:)
  • That guy @

    They have A/C jacks and USB ports for charging at the ?!
  • Peter Moffett

    Put some lockers in this place and its just like high school
  • Angie Leingang

    Head to Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ by B27 for the best BBQ beef sandwich ever!!
  • Gypsie Cannon

    No free WiFi...
  • Gregory Israel

    Interstate BBQ is the only BBQ at MEM to do turkey.
  • Johnny Ramone

    Hopefully you're either flying out of Memphis or just catching a connecting flight, because this city is a dump in a bucket.
  • Marie Sullivan

    I just heard 3 consecutive pages for lost articles. Get it together Memphis! Lovely airport
  • John Steinbeck

    No free Wifi anywhere in the airport.
  • Alex C

    On delta if your flight is delayed be sure to scan your ticket at a kiosk. Not only was I notified of a gate change but I got a 6 dollar meal voucher!
  • Megan Parry

    this place is huge!! leave time to get to ur connecting flight.
  • Roxanne Schumaker

    Keep tipping foursquarer's, it's so helpful!

    Making a pit stop....The BBQ smells really good.
  • Amanda Van Tassel

    Internet is not free at this airport
  • Tim F.

    Interstate BBQ in the concourse B middle rotunda. Enough said.
  • Mark Ferguson

    Corky's BBQ nachos are a delight, especially if you are just changing planes and can't get the full Memphis experience.
  • Mark Chmielewski

    Most gates in B have some padded leather benches with no dividers, perfect for some crucial nap action. Anyone have any favorite sleeping spots in this airport? Also is there free wifi anywhere?? Thx.
  • Jeb Hoge

    Terminal B: Head to Backyard Burgers & Interstate BBQ if you need some good food.
  • Kyle Pedersen

    great areas to take a nap in Terminal C
  • Barrett W

    Looking for a good bloody mary, try Blue Note Cafe.
  • Kate Yan

    Free wifi! Gotta watch a commercial for it though
  • Martina Ewing

    Just landed
  • Moby K.

    Never try to find an official phonebox :-)
  • Melissa O

    The rental car area is a pretty good walk from the terminal. It's outside but covered and has moving platforms. Still, it's a hike!
  • Nevenka

    No lines at security gate, but not many flights either.
  • Nevenka

    No line at security, a couple of gates. This is really very small.
  • Joshuah Marshall

    I like that my gate was across from the bar. B9 baby
  • Paul Nava

    B 19th has multiple USB and phone charging points.
  • Kazz Bell

    20oz coke cost 2.72 in here, even ATL airport charges 1.92. Is it same product, isn't it?!
  • Craig Cushman

    Interstate Bar-B-Que, across from B15 is worth the trip to Memphis.
  • David W

    Adds for free wifi are visible
  • Ashley Porter

    Yes! Finally free wifi!
  • Tony McCollum

    Since Delta dehubbed, security is quick. Less than 5 minutes and only one person in front of me. Several restaurants have closed because of this though.
  • Courtney McCoy

    If you have TSA Pre-Check access, you can leave you shoes and belt on and leave laptop in bag! Don't forget to put your cell phone in your bag too as it will set off metal detector!
  • mubasen Hoeseb

    Make sure u stop by the Peabody Memphis to experience the March of the Ducks!!!! Awesome @ 11 and 5
  • Memphis Peach

    Don't fly airtran! Just don't do it...#grief
  • Ken Haffner

    Toms BBQ on Getwell Road here I come.
  • Inna

    If coming internationally do not forget to recheck your checked bags, even if Memphis is your final destination.
  • Rudy Sandoval

    Leave plenty of time if you return a rental. Good walk to the terminal.
  • Justin

    You win this round Interstate Bar-B-Que...
  • Emily E

    Get the bbq!!!!
  • Alexandra White

    The airport is small and easy to navigate. It should take you less than 10 minutes to get to your gate after security.
  • Russell Lucchi

    Rental Car Facility is SUPER FAR WITH NO SHUTTLE!
  • Mike Garcia

    Why can't you use your phone in a plane.
  • Stephen Lapp

    If you squint your eyes in terminal area you can image that you are at EWR. Not too sure why you would want to do that though.
  • Jennifer White

    Wi-fi isn't free. Come on, Memphis, join the 21st century!
  • Chuck Westfall

    Glad to see that TSA Precheck is available in this airport, but wish there were a Delta Sky Club!
  • C Kell

    They make finding the car rental way too hard if you're picking up on a day different from your flight.
  • Ashley Lee

    Really needs to be renovated and cleaned.
  • Lisa Berezny

    Interstate BBQ was really good. Sandwich is HUGE, easily able to share.
  • The Chad

    New renovations are great... $6 on site economy parking... Can't beat that!
  • Elise Miller

    The National Rental Car booth is downstairs in the main parking lot
  • Ashley Hunsucker

    Trust me I work at the memphis airport it is the slowest airport ever and there is absolutely no food choice but Lenny which is really good
  • Mina B.

    Blue note was a smoking bar I was very surprised. Had to move on to Memphis City Blues
  • Kyle Eaton

    Slowest baggage claim of any US airport, hands down.
  • Neil Onsdorff

    TSA pre check. Do it.
  • jay

    Have a smoke in Blue Note Cafe
  • Natalia Spada

    Every place that serves food is closed by 7:30 wich is ridiculous.
  • Cassaundra Washington

    It's nice that the Rental Cars are now just a moving Sidewalk away from Terminal B.
  • Joe Keene

    Fly Delta or don't fly at all. Delta owns this place.
  • Chimaobi Amutah

    The airport is small and never packed with people. The Moe's Southwest Grille is wack. Eat elsewhere.
  • Dustan Costine

    This be Memphis, it ain't no Nashville!
  • Melanie

    Saturday travel? All stores/restaurants are closed. Better pack a snack!
  • Rodney Waites

    Short line in TSA SECURITY.
  • Jack Cathey

    This is an airport technology left behind. No free wifi. Not a lot of flight screens. Nice clean facility though.
  • aTyler Kehl

    I read a tip, it said to buy the BBQ sauce. I did.
  • Gayle Schultz

    New parking lot is gorgeous!
  • Ross Guthrie

    The airport finally figured out replacing the ceiling & getting better lighting makes the terminal not feel dark & dreary. New ceiling & lighting installed between B27-30: hopefully going everywhere.
  • Brittany Liesch

    The moving walkways are bouncy;) Give it a try I dare you!
  • G Smith

    20 minute line at B security checkpoint. Noone at A checkpoint.
  • J Monique Collier

    Eat at Corky's. it's great
  • Sean Byrne

    The Lenny's in Concourse B is the best in the chain. Worth the stop.
  • Matt Masciere

    If you have a later flight on Saturday and you are hungry you are out of luck. Nothing is open past 5:00 pm.
  • Ana Vives

    Finally here! Waiting for the wife.
  • Courtney

    Smells like Big Momma's kitchen
  • Bradley

    Tsa loves to get pounded I'm the rectum!
  • Hello Oxford

    Fun Fact* More planes take off from here than any other airport in the US. Thanks of course to FedEX
  • Lauren Helfer Patton

    Skip terminal A when it comes to food... there's no BBQ or anything great.
  • Mike Olsen

    No free wifi... booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • Dianna Davis

    Most PA system happy airport I've ever been in... I think the gate attendants are in a competition over who can make more announcements. And no, even noise canceling headphones don't block them out.
  • Drew Burrell

    Blue's cafe was so so slow.
  • Mike N.

    A ghost town of an airport.
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